Flood Drive

SMTS and the Dockins Broadcast Group wish to announce that donations are being gathered to assist our friends and neighbors that have been impacted by the recent flooding.  To participate in this Community Flood Drive, please take your donations to the front entrance of SMTS at 700 East Highway 72 in Fredericktown, across from the Fredericktown High School.  Donations may also be taken directly to the Dockins Broadcast Group in Farmington and Piedmont.  SMTS proudly serves the needs of our communities and hopes everyone will find a way to help our area’s rebuilding process.


In recent Days, our region has been hit hard by a rash of sudden floods.  The damages we are now facing have given our communities, friends, and neighbors compounding losses which still are not yet fully realized.  To be proactive in the rebuilding process, The Dockins Broadcast Group along with our great listeners and community business partners are gathering essential items to assist those in need during this difficult process.  Donations of Food, Water, Clothing and Baby Items, Household, and Hygiene Necessities are all going to be gathered for distribution at your local Dockins Station (NORTH-Farmington, SOUTH-Piedmont), and at partnering Business Locations that choose to accept these items.

If more information is needed, please contact:

Dockins Broadcast Group
p: 573-701-9590
f: 573-701-9696
a: 900 E. Karsch Blvd., Farmington, MO 63640
w: www.dockinsbroadcastgroup.com