Monday thru Friday 8am – 4pm

Call our Poplar Bluff facility with any questions: 

573-785-2928, or toll free 800-392-0754

WE are proud to have served the City of Poplar Bluff since 2000. As of September 2016, we are pleased to serve the city’s most popular origination and destinations. From Walmart to Three Rivers College, from Save-A-Lot to Twin Towers, from the VA to the Industrial Park, we’re gladly serving the residents and visitors of our community.


Two Buses, Four Routes

We operate two buses on deviated fixed routes consisting of four alternating loops with a common Transfer Stop in the middle (think of a 4-leafed clover). There are four routes: Northside, Southside, Eastside, and Westside. The two buses and four routes are also identified by the colors red, orange, blue and green.

Bus A (red): Northside (red) & Southside (orange) Routes.

Bus B (blue): Eastside (blue) & Westside (green) Routes.

From the top of each hour, Bus A runs the Northside Route at the same time Bus B is running the Eastside Route, then the two buses meet at Valley Plaza at the bottom of the hour for any transfers.

From the bottom of the hour, Bus A runs the Southside Route at the same time Bus B is running the Westside Route, then the two buses meet at Valley Plaza at the top of the hour for any transfers.

We start and end our routes at Walmart Supercenter at the top and bottom of each hour.

30-minute loops, top to bottom of each hour (:00 to :30): Northside & Eastside Routes

30-minute loops, bottom to top of each hour (:30 to :00): Southside & Westside Routes

Four Stop Types

  1. Transfer Stop. We have one Transfer Stop at Valley Plaza where Bus A and Bus B meet every 30 minutes so our riders may continue to their destination on other routes when applicable. There is no charge when immediately transferring from one bus to the other, but the usual fare is collected when boarding a later bus, such as after shopping.
  2. Always Stops. In addition to the Transfer Stop, each of the four routes has stops where we stop every time the bus makes the loop – where we “Always Stop.”
  3. Request Stops. In addition to Always Stops, each of our four routes also has specific stops where we will stop only by request to board or deboard there. There are 3 ways to request this service:
    1. The rider may ask the driver to deboard at a Request Stop
    2. The rider may ask the driver to be picked up at a later, scheduled Request Stop time on the same day
    3. The rider may call the office at least 30 minutes before the scheduled Request Stop time and ask to be picked up
  4. Deviated Stops. Our riders may request to board or deboard the bus at safe, legal stops up to ¼ of a mile off our published route lines on the back of this schedule. Requests for Deviated Stops must be made at least one day in advance by calling our office. Our staff can help riders determine if the stop is within the ¼ mile limit.  Deviated Stops are available as capacity allows in order to maintain timely service on our routes, but we’ll do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can. To help, Deviated Stop service may be provided alternatively by SMTS vehicles at no additional fare to the rider, but still subject to capacity. SMTS service will meet or exceed the service provided by BATS.

Stop Times

The stop times are on the maps on the back side of this schedule. Stop times are at the same minute after each hour. As an example, the bus stops at Twin Towers at 10 minutes (:10) after each hour, or 10:10, 11:10, 12:10, etc. for each hour of service.

Hours of Service

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM  Monday thru Friday

We are closed Saturdays, Sundays, major holidays, and during inclement weather.

Route Bus Fares

Cash fares must be exact — drivers won’t provide change.

Children under 5 years old ride for FREE.

Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Single Ride: $1 per person per boarding.

All-Day Pass: $3 per person for unlimited boardings for the day of purchase. People who purchase an All-Day Pass will have their hand stamped at their first boarding.

All-Day Family Pass: $6 for up to 5 people in a group, unlimited boardings for the day of purchase. All persons in the group must board and deboard at the same locations at the same times. Groups who purchase an All-Day Family Pass will have their hands stamped at their first boarding.

Prepaid Punch Cards. Anyone may purchase prepaid punch cards. Cards can be used to ride anytime. We have two Card denominations to choose from:

$10 for 12 boardings (2 free boardings)

$20 for 26 boardings (6 free boardings)

Prepaid Punch Cards may be purchased from the BATS bus driver, at the SMTS office, or may be obtained through some local agencies. Cards may be used by anyone. Multiple riders can use one Card at the same or different times — the Card will be punched once per rider per boarding regardless of who is using it or the number of riders using it at the time.

Cards may also be used on the local SMTS Reservation Bus, but will be punched once per dollar equal to the charge on the Reservation Bus (each punch will equal one dollar).

Cards should be treated as cash and are nonrefundable. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced.

Promotions: Every now and then, BATS may offer free rides for all riders for a limited time. Free rides do not apply to SMTS service.

On Time

Although we strive to stay on time for each of our stops, we may run up to 10 minutes late from time to time due to unforeseen reasons. We appreciate your patience and cooperation while we work to get back on schedule. We will not leave before the scheduled time at Always Stops, but we may run up to 5 minutes early at other stops. Please plan your trips accordingly.

Dwell time. Our vehicles may remaine stopped (or dwell) at an Always Stop until the scheduled time is met or passed to provide opportunity for riders to catch the bus. If the bus is running late, the driver will dwell at an Always Stop only for a few moments. The BATS vehicles will also dwell at Walmart Supercenter to permit transfers between vehicles.

Seat Belts

All BATS riders must properly use a seat belt at all times the bus is moving. Wheelchairs and riders in wheelchairs also must be properly secured at all times the bus is moving. There are no exceptions.

Children & Child Safety Seats. Children under the age of 4 are required to be properly secured in a Child Safety Seat at all times the bus is moving. Children are not permitted to be held in the arms of another person or remain unsecured while riding BATS.

Children between 4 and 8 years old may use a booster seat, with a lap and shoulder belt; otherwise the child may sit directly on the bus seat and use the lap belt provided.

We do not provide child safety seats or booster seats.

Ridership Courtesy

Help our drivers stay on time. All riders should be ready to board when the bus arrives and be ready to deboard the bus at their stop.

Riders Rules of Conduct. SMTS has published a Riders Rules of Conduct brochure (“A Positive Experience Starts with You”). Ask your driver for a copy; BATS riders are expected to follow the rules.

Grocery bags, etc. We allow our riders to bring groceries and other purchases on board, but all riders are limited to what the rider can safely carry on and off the vehicle in one boarding without the assistance of the driver. We reserve the right to limit the number of bags and the size of packages allowed on the vehicle at the discretion of the driver, based on capacity and other criteria. Riders are not permitted to leave any belongings, including groceries, unattended on the BATS vehicle for any length of time.

Service Animals

We gladly welcome service dogs with their owners. We may ask the rider if the dog is a service animal and what service the dog provides before permitting it to accompany the rider on our vehicles. Service dogs that bark incessantly or present a danger to the driver or other riders must be confined or constrained.

Comfort and therapy animals are not considered service animals and are not permitted on board.

And this …

We can help you plan your route, just give us a call. … You can help us make the service better: share your ideas with us! … Bus stop signs and bus stop shelters are high on our priority list.